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Winter Public Library

Leprechaun Trap Project

Ever try to catch a Leprechaun?  Now is the time to try! The Winter Public Library would like to invite adults and children to design and build a Leprechaun trap and bring it to the library by 2:00 p.m. on March 17th.  Each participant will receive a free book and a prize.  Patrons will vote on the most creative Leprechaun trap.  The winner of that contest will win a goodie bag filled with free books and goodies.  The Leprechaun traps will be displayed in the library for all to see through March 24th.  Voting begins March 19th and ends at closing on March 23rd.  The results will be announced at noon on Saturday, March 24th!

Remember, leprechauns are tricky fellows, so you must be creative and tricky when deciding on a way to try to catch him. You can try to lure him to you and grab him, or you can try to build a trap to capture him in. If you are lucky enough to capture one, your work is not done yet. Legend says you cannot take your eyes of him for even a second or he will disappear.

Be creative and have fun!  Drop off your traps at the library.  Call the Winter Public Library at (715) 266-2144 with any questions! 

Check back in the spring for information on the

2018 Summer Reading program for adults and children.